martedì 30 novembre 2021

Winter Shopping 🛍️

How are you? I'm making just a quick post to show you my new gets! 
I went to 109 ww (like I could) and got a couple of winter things, I found some nice deals! The sweaters were 1€ each one and the belt too thanks to 11.11 sales

Left: MA*RS - Right: W♡C 
Belt: Aliexpress 

I also got this tartan dress for 5€ because of my recent tartan boom

And those beautiful red x white nails that will be my Christmas nails  
While I'm here I'll also show you my co*de from today 

Sweater: H&M - Skirt: MA*RS - 
Accessories: Chanel replica, 1$Store

That's it! Now I'll probably watch something on Netflix and just chill, I wish you all a good night~
See you soon and take care! 

Yours, Natsumin~

martedì 23 novembre 2021

I'm back XD

Hiiiii how are you??? I'm sorry I disappeared ww 
Last month I went to a big comicon here and I was so absorbed by it that I hadn't time to blog at all ^^"
Anyway I'm back again with some outfits that I couldn't post and some shopping :D
So as I said at the end of October I had to attend this convention so I didn't go out at all, except for one night when me and S. had a small date  he thought I needed a break from all my crafting and invited me out :D

Dress: Kiss Kiss XOXO - Necklace: Ma*rs

We went to our favorite place, Old Wild West, for dinner and then get some icecream
Since on the end of the month I was at the comicon I couldn't celebrate Halloween like I wanted so I just watched horror gameplays and movies while crafting the whole time XD

Obviously I had to dress rokku the whole time here I was wearing a HellBunny top and Gilfy stars necklace

Thankfully my mom bought me a big Halloween candies bag, better than nothing XD but I really missed trick or treat this year T_T

On 29th of October I left for the convention... 4 days full of cosplay shootings with my friends, I didn't take a lot of pictures except for cosplay photosets so I'll skip that part ^^" I really wanted to blog about this but I'm stupid, what can I say

I came back on 2nd of November and that weekend my little cousin celebrated his 18th birthday (here in Italy you become an adult when you're 18 so most people do a big party to celebrate that birthday)
We went to this big elegant restaurant, it was so fancy and cool *O* and the food was great too www
Happy birthday dear :D You're the sweetest young man in the whole world 

This was my co*de for the party:

Dress: Lip Service - Cardi: Datura - Necklace: Chanel replica

After that I didn't do that much... I mostly worked, cleaned my house and invited my friends over to watch Arcane XD this was the cutest outfit from past week, I was too tired to doll up and after some days I also caught a cold and had to stay at home for days

Top: Comfilax - Overall: Vinted - Acce: Aliexpress
Here's also my co*de for today, I'm slowly getting into tartan/checkered fabric, is this a new boom incoming? XD
Top: Candida - Skirt: Terranova - 
Belt: Flea Market - Necklace: Aliexpress 
I also got some new things

Chanel replica necklace

This amazing LV replica bag I got for cheap at Flea Market

Glavil hoodie that I used for my Halloween outfit but I don't have any full pic cuz I'm a genius, just this selfie
Yumetenbo white heels that I needed for a twin co*de I'll do with Nerissa

Co&Lu bag & shorts I bought this summer but I received them only now ww

New extensions, the right piece is a Prisila ponytail wig!  
The curly exte probably is too dark for my hair :/ I'm thinking about curling the straight one since it's too long like this, we'll see 

New MAC foundation and lipsticks 
(ignore the Yash one, is for a friend)

I'm already in love with the colors, it's just that I'm more a lip tint type ;_; I'm too clumsy for this type of lipstick, but they're cheap and good quality so I'll try to use them as I can XD

Also some yummy food from those past days, I want to improve more and more and cook nice and healthy meals like my fav youtuber Nami
Chicken&Egg Yakisoba

Raw tuna with stracciatella cheese and croutons
Dal Makhani (lentil&beans soup with tomato) with paratha (potato bread), chicken and mashed potatoes

I hope to start posting again like before but I have tons of things to do between photoshoots, cosplay etc etc x_x kill me pls

But Christmas is coming *O* my city is already getting decorated and I'm so excited www I can't waiiiit *A*

See you soon, take care

Yours, Natsumin~