sabato 6 agosto 2022

Beach Day🏖️

Today's officially my first day of summer lmao 
I went at the beach with my family 
It was REALLY hot so I tanned a bit w
I've worn the co*de I planned out yesterday! 

Shirt: Terranova 
Bikini: No brand
Acce: made by me or thrifted 
Sunglasses: Rady

Aina vibes all over the place w
And I love how my outfit looks even if it's almost all thrifted ww (apart from shorts and sunglasses which costed me 15€ in total anyway lol) 

The beach was quite empty and relaxing! 

Sadly the water was a bit meh but I enjoyed it anyway 

Now I'm at a cafe for a break with some friends 

See ya soon! 
Yours, Natsumin~

venerdì 5 agosto 2022

Today's CO*DE

Argh I'm so tired. Actually I'm supposed to be on vacation since yesterday but we had a couple of "emergencies" so I had to work until this evening :')
SO! Time to show you a co*de after a lot of time :') I know it seems impossible but trust me, it's too hard to do my full makeup or outfits pics during this time ;_; I woke up early and came back home late and I was so tired I went directly to sleep. That's also why I neglected my sns for so long ;w;
But now I have all the free time I want!... At least until the end of the month (sob).
Anyway XD as I said I worked today! But right after it I went to visit my grandparents so I used it as an excuse to dress up a little!
Top, black necklace: GILFY
Shorts: Tiffoni Jeans (thrifted)
Hat: d.i.a
Acce: tutuHA leather cuff, Flea Market, made by me

I've worn the tee I bought from Exilia! And instantly it became my fav tshirt ww


I also FINALLY finished my summer nails that I was making since MONTHS XD It was hard to find light blue glitter www but now they're done! What do you think? :D

Kinda inspired by Ainaaa

I also managed to go to the post office and pick up one last parcel from Vinted

I got a new headband to match my JELLY boom, a wooden necklace to match my Aina boom XD (she had something like this in 2009!) and a Birkin replica bag in hot pink (which is a must have in agejo imo). I also made a new rainbow necklace that I've worn today (as you can see in my co*de pic XD)

I met up with my mother to go to my granparent's and she gave me a new bikini XD god this year I've gotten like half a dozen new bikins XD I hope I have enough chances to wear them ww
It looks like something from Co&Lu imo!! So I planned a co*de right away to wear it tomorrow at the beach!

And I love it!!! I can't wait for tomorrowww

Now I need to go to sleep otherwise I won't wake up in time tomorrow XD I'm really physically tired, I totally need sleep ww
See you soon (I hope tomorrow XD) and take care!

Yours, Natsumin~

giovedì 4 agosto 2022

Birthday Wishlist!!


I just wanted to share my bday wishlist
Cuz dreaming doesn't cost anything XD
Also I asked everybody to not buy me gifts this year, but instead to donate to our local cat shelter, so I don't think I'll get anything XD
But what can I say, I like to dreanm XD
Maybe I'll buy myself something from this list in future ww

1. Let's Sing 2020 (Switch) with 2 microphones
This game is a funny party starter!! It has some party functions that are great :D I already own the 2022 edition, I'd like this one next!

2. MA*RS pants

What can I say? XD I love MA*RS and I need more pants for work lol

3. Small nickel-free/silver necklace (like Aina's one!!)
 I'm in love with this type of necklace ;w; I think it makes a lovely detail! I'd give a leg for her chanel necklace, but my priority is a nickel free jewel I can wear everyday during summer (usually I'm sensitive only on hands or torso, but with warm weather I can't wear anything metal without getting irritated skin) 

4. Colorful swatch ! My dream is the hot pink G Shock one cuz all the haady gals had it but whatever pink/colorful swatch would be amazing ;w;

5. 7th Sea RPG manual!! I LOVE RPG games and the pirate theme is one of my favorites ever!

6. Mansion of Madness Horrific Journeys Expansion

What can I say. I'm a fangirl.

7. Danganronpa Decadence Switch collector edition

As above XD

That's it :') It was nice to dream
Do you do bday wishlists too? Or am I the only materialistic one? XD

See ya in my next post!
Bye Bye
Yours, Natsumin~

martedì 2 agosto 2022

July GETS☆

I'm back with July gets! Everything is from Vinted and the Flea Market☆

Everything was quite cheap, especially my FM stuff XD Here's what I got!

Rady towels! I'm gonna use the big one at the beach and the small one as decor, they're too pretty to be used to dry myself XD so it's not gonna happen ww
Also got those beautiful Rady sunglasses! They look like Dior sunglasses Paris Hilton used to wear in 2000 ;w;

The seller was so kind to send me those face masks too TAT Thank you!!

Delyle Noir dress I saw on June 2010 JELLY issue so I needed to get it
This one! I want to get a undergarment like her ;w;


GILFY Tshirt

Got those two from Exilia again! I'm kinda buying her wardrobe ww

 Cute Fishbone jacket that reminds me of this LL jacket I wanted but cheaper (and cuter lol):

I already worn it at work:

Banana Moon top

And then some lucky finds from FM:

This top that I've already customized with a gem brooch
Crop top like the ones from August 2010 EGG
This issue
Pimkie top + a lilac leo skirt that I'll use for a project
Super pretty top! Once I've added this brooch I've made it looks like a Golds Infinity top ;_;
 And another videogame XD just for parties ww

For this month I'm waiting for my bday's gift!! A nice mercari order :D I've got 1 skirt, 1 top, 2 dresses, 2 bikinis and some extras like dvds, lashes, accessories and the docomo phone cable I needed

Actually I also wish to buy a GJ lucky bag I've seen but I don't know if I really have that money XD and a new eyebrow pencil cuz the one I bought sucks

Anyway that's all for today XD see ya soon!

Yours, Natsumin~