lunedì 14 giugno 2021



Actually I'm kinda angry this morning cuz I got some unexpected expenses all together  the bear sticker doesn't really match my mood www

Anyway how are you? Hope you had a good weekend! Mine was a bit exhausting, my legs still hurt xD as always I had a lot of chores to do, but also I wanted to go to the flea market (even if I kinda regret it now lol), had an appointment with the hairdresser, did the Egg issue post, run to the doctor for my pet, fought with my internet service cuz I paid and they don't recognize it and more x_x and now I'm already going back to work 

But I don't want to complain, let's just talk about nice things www
As I said on Saturday I went to the Flea Market after a while! I spent only 20€ and got so many things that go with my latest trends
also I went to the post office to collect a couple of Vinted parcels, I went back home with 4 full bags lmao since it's a lot of stuff I'll show you everything in a separate post, but here's my co*de for that morning 

Top: Disney - Tank top: Terranova - Skirt, platforms: H&M - Acce: 1$Store

♡Accessories Details
In the afternoon I went to the hairdresser and got my hair dyed! But it costed the double than the last time T_T... I should've asked for a price quote, I don't know what we did different (last time I spent 50€ for haircut + dye, this time for just dye about 80€ I want to die )
This technique sure is strange wwww
This is the final result:
I love it! I'm so happy I'm not dark brown anymore XD and finally I feel gyaru www
My co*de for that afternoon:

Cardi, tank top: d.i.a - Skirt: Amisu - Necklace: Galeo

On Sunday I tried to relax a bit, I did the laundry, cleaning etc then in the afternoon I wanted to blog about the June Egg issue but also tanning so I took my laptop on my building's terrace www

My spot www under the canopy so my laptop won't burn in the heat
With matcha pocky and coffee mug

My bikini :
It's a bikini from the Flea Market that I customized with a diamond brooch part that I had to make it look more Rady style www

It was so beautiful to write with this amazing blue sky over my head and silence all around, it was very quiet since it was the first hours of afternoon (in South Italy most people rest in the first afternoon, that's why you almost hear no sounds between 3-5 PM www)

Sun blinded lol

I should stop using this filter but I love how I look wwww

It was nice, the only problem was that maybe I sat in the shadow too long cuz I didn't tan at all T_T I'm still white as snow whyyyyyy
So disappointed
Anyway after that I just went to get an iced coffee and back home again, cuz I still had a lot of chores to finish x_x but it was a nice weekend btw💕

Creamy iced coffee with milk! In italy it's called "Espressino freddo", it's like a soft creamy coffee icecream, I love it💕
Also I started working for rae_melodyy's Crafting Challenge!! Who else is joining??? The sewing part will be hard for me but still I'm looking forward for it *_*/

Now I'll end this here and go back to work XD

Probably gonna blog again this evening or tomorrow, I don't know

See you soon and take care!

Yours, Natsumin~  

domenica 13 giugno 2021

EGG 06/09 Inspo & S/S Wishlist/Trends

Here I am back again with an inspo post about this month ! Actually it's 2009 June issue lol you know me
I liked this issue so much and I thought of sharing it with you, so, let's flip through it :D

As always the mag opens with a CO&LU ad :D

I won't comment this cuz I'm jealous lol (Yuma you should have married me instead T_T) joking aside this is so cute ;____; she looks so beautiful and happy!!
Next is a selection of models coords, they choose coords that are supposed to be cheap but since the total of every single outfit is around 10.000 yen I'm wondering what "cheap" means to them XDDD
Obviously the coords carry the past month's trends, which seems to be actual in June too! We have floral country dresses, light colored tartan, marine and pastel colors
Also a selection of cheap items they liked
Next is PASTEL COLOURS! This month main theme is pastel! This article goes through different coords in every color, it just need to be pastel!
I loved that it was mostly combined with black, it's my favorite combo wwww
Another idea is to combine it with the "stronger" version of the color, like pastel yellow x orange or lilac combined with purple! 
Next is SHOES!
 It's summer so it's hot outside and you can't do a lot of layering without dying of heat, so this month the trend is on the shoes! Whatever model you like, they just need to be special and outstanding! To make simplier models to stand out, try combining them with a coord in different color (like yellow sandals on a whitexlightblue dress)
Now we have my favorite part, the street snaps! Look how perfect Yumachi is T___T I want to cry 
This month we have a Vibrand ... AD? Fashion show? I don't know how to call it XD But this brand reminds me of Gilfy so I totally loved it www
This month special: Romihi's Birthday! Happy birthday Romihi!
In the next scan we have a full interview, I can't understand it cuz I don't speak japanese and I don't want to poorly translate it with google translator but if someone is interested the article is here to read ^^ 
I'm posting this month's diet article just cuz it makes me laugh so much that they dressed as pigs for this LMAO (also the coords are interesting so...)
A selection made by Kaoru of past month's favorites coords
 And now the usual section dedicated to Kogals
Interesting that pastels are present even in school trends! I love the pastel shirts and vests! 
Next article is about best friends models... they just talk about their friendship but the pics were so cute and wholesome that it deserved to be posted
This article is strange I swear... A host club to show off nail art? XD Ok?
But at least they also show off some gyaruo nailart so... worth it I guess? XD 
A short article about this gal mama: 
And last street snaps section! 
So, in short, what this month trends are?
Imho sure we have:
- Pastel colours, a lot and especially combined with darker shades or black
- Summer dresses in floral or paisley print, always in light colors
- Stripes/Marine hints
- Country details like embroderied tops or cowboy hats
- Shoes as point of fashion!!!
What do you think? I liked this issue, even if imho it's more like a "extension" of the May issue since a lot of past month's trends are still valid! Sure I liked it :D 

This issue really inspired me a lot! Here's my take on this month trends:

Dress: Garula - Vest: Pimkie - Bag: Terranova
Belt: d.i.a - Boots: Flea Market - Acce: 1$store, Flea Market

♡Accessories Details
I'm sorry I should stop using this filter www but I finally look cute lol

So after reading this issue I decided which trend I'll follow for this season :P
I'll stick to a pastel/natural colored country style! I want to use a lot of pastels like in this issue, but not only with black, but also combining them with country items! I want to wear a lot of Garula, d.i.a and Liz Lisa clothes -3-
 I also have a small wishlist cuz I need some pieces for this, like this beautiful crochet top, wear it over darker dresses or tops
Floral old Liz Lisa items like this shirt, which shape also reminds me the embroderied top Yumachi is wearing in the cheap outfits section
Or this maxi dress, which will also look adorable with a denim vest and a straw cowboy hat 
And obviously a lot of cowboy hats! I already ordered a light one but I also want a dark brown one  
Pastel colored d.i.a like this top: 
And lots of shirts! I love in particular this one from Garula that I hope to buy both in black and beige ;_;
And that's it XD I'll end this post before it gets really too heavy www
I hope you liked it and it was useful! See you soon and take care!

Yours, Natsumin~